Rectangular Alum stone 100g

The rectangular shape is among the most ‘commonly used. The characteristics of purifying natural skin makes
specific a specific treatment can be used on most of the body. Reports the PH of the skin at optimal levels while
avoiding the appearance of red spots and skin irritation.

Designed for perfumeries. thanks to its shape and small size is a “MUST” to always have on hand.
Thanks to its NATURAL versatility can 'be used as:
• Deodorant
• After depilation
• After bath / shower: as skin softener
• After a footbath: past the Alum on heels and the inside of the foot to 'subuto a feeling of freshness
How to use: wet the alum under running water and go in the area.
Packed with transparent housing and protective pouch.

Ingredients: Potassium alum

Weight: 100g


EAN: 8001304010964

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